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About Us

Studio Natural Hair is owned and founded by Holistic Hair Specialist Rebekah D. a.k.a Mrs. White. The company made its small and humble beginnings in a studio apartment, in West Dearborn Michigan, in 2015. Rebekah lost much of her hair in 2013 from stress and a terrible diet, but after much trial, error and research, she had gotten her hair in the best health ever. Even more so than before. Soon there after people began to approach her with compliments about her hair, and many request for hair care services. She began, being self taught, a side hustle as a Natural Hair Stylist; and became passionate about holistic hair care, and internal holistic health. In 2016 Rebekah went on to earn her certification at Everett's Natural Hair And Beauty School in Detroit MI. Three years later she obtained her certificate in Holistic Health and Beauty to further help her customers hair needs, and to begin making natural, high quality hair care products. In addition to the products with great ingredients, Studio Natural Hair will be providing other products and utensils to further promote healthy hair. For your eyelashes and eyebrows! Also products such as hair scarves, bonnets, wooden combs, and plant-based bristle hair brushes. Studio Natural Hair is truly focused on the total health and beauty of their customers and followers. Which is also why providing DIY tutorials, daily hair care tips, intriguing hair facts and history is of great importance to the team. At Studio Natural Hair, health and beauty become one!

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